Friday, March 2, 2012

current shopaholic.

i became weak again this weekend and after a trip to marshalls, nordstrom rack, and even a stop over at, yes, sam's club i picked up a few items. i know i made recent mention of keeping my shopping phase low key lately...but sometimes a girl just can't hold back and, hey, it all came from discount stores!
so, i'm currently addicted to all things striped and found it hard to pass up this top and jacket (i have enough black & white tops, so i opted for the coral stripes.) im constantly *needing* new and chunky necklaces and who doesn't need a nail polish in every shade of pink out there? the heels i saw two weeks ago, attempted to be strong and resist, but failed as i clearly returned (and was elated that they still had my size!) and why pay $40 for a 'fancy' white T when you can buy three in a pack for $14.95 in the men's department...always a perfect soft loose fit.
not snapped in these pics (and some of my favorites) are some polka dot tights, kate spade socks and a couple skinny belts.

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