Monday, March 5, 2012

the big day.

this month will mark our six month wedding anniversary. it was one of the funnest, most tiring days of my life and we were lucky enough to have it go off with barely a hitch! we found the most perfect location, tucked in the forest and high up on a cliff, overlooking the hood canal. being in washington, we were a little worried when it rained all weekend and all morning, but the clouds parted and the rain stopped hours before the wedding and i got my outdoor walk down the "aisle" through the tall pine trees.
this was very much a DIY wedding (as i love all things craft) from the T and M "photobooth" guestbook to the table numbers to the wedding cake. we did have a caterer, though, who was so insanely incredible that i fully intend to plan a party someday in the future just so i can have their food again (i miss it so much.) and all of these photos were taken by our fantastic photographer dana pleasant.
i've realized that i have not opened up enough, personally, in this blog, and this is my start - and a reason for what kept me away for so long...our wedding:

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