Wednesday, May 27, 2009


in honor of our past 3 day weekend, i shall introduce the first of my many-to-follow wanderlust posts. travel is one of my (many) obsessions - i am controlled by finding new places and visiting new cultures and seeing new sights and eating all of their different foods...and taking hoards of pictures along the way.
today, on a semi-dreary seattle-sweater day, i would go revisit paris and all of its cafe glory.

i would go on a late summer/early fall day.

i would slip into my paris ensemble, purchased especially for my trip.

i would sit in the cutest streetside cafe.

i would have this for my first meal, because i am obsessed with parisian salads.

i would fill a plate with macarons because...well, because.

i would finish my dessert and immediately go out and buy her outfit.

i would take the metro to the Champ de Mars.

i would gaze at the evening glory of the tour eiffel.

i would spend a day (or three) in disneyland paris, because it is yet another of my obsessions.

i would walk for days on random streets.

i would visit Versailles and ponder, yet again, ways i can work pink marble into my home.

i would go to the louvre for, at least, two days.

i would buy another bunch of macarons, because pink stops me in my tracks.

i would end my trip with loud music and overly frilly dresses at the moulin rouge.

i would take one last ride on the metro and make my way home....

credits - chase cash, idhren, malias, jason cartwright, pedrosimoes7, al ianni, kiki follettosa

Monday, May 18, 2009

beginning day...

who doesn't love the lovely. ?

my opening post shall be a li'l bit o' me so you can see what i like, what i love, and what i think is absolutely lovely.

the prettiness of bedrooms.

stuff made into stuff.

always a fan of splatterings.

open spaces.

inviting entrances.

they're years younger and occationally wear diaper-looking attire, but, God help me - i love 'em.

wildflowers in makeshift vases.

swimmin' pretty.

shoes [period]

stacks and stacks of books.

this is just a teeny sampling of what i love...but i shall save it for later.