Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy stuffing day!

credits: real simple

Saturday, November 21, 2009

project runway.

so i know this is old news - but i dvr pretty much all of my shows...and i just watched this one.
i REALLY wanted althea to win! dang it!
i would have worn (for the most part) everything that she made!
while, i must admit, irina makes some pretty good shit...i just...dont like her.
so today, we shall have an althea post:


you know - i read once that youre never supposed to apologize on your blog for missing some posts here and there...that youre just supposed to go on like there was never a break...soooooo, after explaining that youre not supposed to leave said message - here is todays post:
as mentioned before - i have a little magazine problem. i buy and i buy - to no end. and i can never part with them. and while i havent quite fixed that last build-up problem - i have just remedied my wallet-gouging issues (no pun intended)
i finally subscribed to the magazines that i spend $5 a month on.
here are some fabulous pictures from some fabulous magazines.
nylon - their covers get me every time.
people style watch - is it weird that i love magazines featuring "airport style"..?

elle - fabulous fashion and pictures.

country living - im constantly dog-earing this magazine.

credits: nylon, people style watch, elle, country living