Tuesday, February 28, 2012

disco romance.

on a lil' shopping trip i took to nordstrom rack recently, i picked up a few OPI nail polishes. (i had to stop myself at three pinks, because i have a small traveling trunk full as it is.) after a failed attempt at a pink-on-dark-pink french tip, i decided to go with my new pink/nude (OPI "hopelessly in love") overlayed with a large silver glitter (essie "set in stones".)
...and then i took an oh-so dramatic and romantic shot of my nails over flower petals. *wink*

Monday, February 27, 2012

oscar stunners.

the academy awards - one of cinema's and fashion's greatest nights. its always an exciting event to look forward to. to see who wore what and who won what.
here are a few of my favorite red carpet walkers from last nights festivities....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

food club!

some friends and us decided to get together on a [semi] regular basis and test out some new cuisines and restaurants that we have never tried before. and thus, food club was born. the rules of food club is: there are no rules. (ok, i blame my sister in law for that fight club reference joke.) ...the rules are, we alternate choices each time. and once the choice is made we must go. sweet and simple.
our first stop: dim sum!
Rocking Wok in wallingford (seattle) was chosen (even tho this place is essentially taiwanese, the reviews were very positive about their dim sum.) we chose several plates to share which included drunken duck, pork and vegetable dumplings, chicken pot stickers, cabbage, thousand-layer pancake, a chicken plate (which i sadly forget the name of), and fried milk bun. all of which were very tasty! we were all slightly scared of the bone/marrow-in chicken and duck, that was kinda new for us...and the fact they they were both cold, but in then end it was all scrumptious. i could eat the thousand-layer pancake and milk bun (which had a deliciously sweet dip) all day long! no contest.

next food club: puerto rican!

Monday, February 20, 2012


for a change from the ol' pinks and red's of the recent valentine's day and a little Linkhead start into the new season of spring i opted for a new minty green nail color that i just had to test out!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


happy valentines day!
i hope you all have a great day whether its with the one you love, a great friend, or one fabulous movie and an indulgent pint of ice cream! (those are some of the best days)
today i will leave you with a simple piece of wrapping that i did that is a nice balance between "manly" and "valentine/holiday-ish". i can never resist anything houndsooth, so when i saw this wrapping paper i just had to buy it, and it went perfectly with my cut out felt heart (with the card simply taped to the side.)
happy tuesday everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

this week's phase...

i have an issue with going thru major phases in my life. activities, tv shows, food (a big one). when i was younger my mom would get irritated with me because i would always get super addicted to a certain type a food or treat and just when she went to costco and bought a huge pack for me, i was over it...and it would go to waste.
my phase right now is shopping. not that i don't shop, in general, throughout the year a lot, but i'm having a major addiction right now. and in times like these i think it's wise to just turn to your own closet and go thru the tried and true, the old and new. i know it sounds boring sometimes when people tell you to 'shop' in your own closet, but let's face it - you know there's a lot of us out there who have a closet full of clothes that we've completely forgotten about. and i think it also helps to turn to fellow blogs and inspiration boards for ideas...and then you find yourself thinking "i've got something like that".....................(and then sometimes you also just want to shop.)
here's some inspiration for my outfits for this week:

wednesday (my new fav.)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

fourty six.

let's face it - a lot of us love super bowl sunday for the food. and i'm no exception. getting together with friends and family is always fun, and you know you can always count on at least one or two entertaining commercials to enhance a good game. this year i was all ready to make some football-themed cupcakes (my staple) until i came across this idea and my mind was changed immediately.
i hope you all had a great weekend, game or no game.