Tuesday, February 21, 2012

food club!

some friends and us decided to get together on a [semi] regular basis and test out some new cuisines and restaurants that we have never tried before. and thus, food club was born. the rules of food club is: there are no rules. (ok, i blame my sister in law for that fight club reference joke.) ...the rules are, we alternate choices each time. and once the choice is made we must go. sweet and simple.
our first stop: dim sum!
Rocking Wok in wallingford (seattle) was chosen (even tho this place is essentially taiwanese, the reviews were very positive about their dim sum.) we chose several plates to share which included drunken duck, pork and vegetable dumplings, chicken pot stickers, cabbage, thousand-layer pancake, a chicken plate (which i sadly forget the name of), and fried milk bun. all of which were very tasty! we were all slightly scared of the bone/marrow-in chicken and duck, that was kinda new for us...and the fact they they were both cold, but in then end it was all scrumptious. i could eat the thousand-layer pancake and milk bun (which had a deliciously sweet dip) all day long! no contest.

next food club: puerto rican!

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