Thursday, June 28, 2012

the green stuff.

So I've been unemployed for a lil' bit now (and rather happy about it) and in all my "spare time" I have been cooking and/or baking almost every day. It's my new thing. I can't stop looking up recipes and [obsessively] reading new (to me) food blogs. Today I made a quick pasta lunch with mushed up avocado, lemon juice, basil, garlic and olive oil. It was rather enjoyable - of course, you have to really like avocado. And I do. My husband hates avocados, but he always knows to get his avocado "on the side" when he orders something at a restaurant. And I greatly appreciate it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


No one knows how happy I am that all of these 80's styles are coming back: neon, semi-bright pastels, floral prints and studded everything! I am and always have been an 80's child at heart. The 80's never left me and I still slipped some of it into my life, music and wardrobe quite often. So now that they are back I am forever beside myself.
If you have been anywhere near pinterest or other fashion blogs out there, you know that studded converse high-tops are "all the rage" and, personally, I have been obsessed with them. I decided practically the moment I saw them that I was going to recreate a pair of my own. However, converse can be semi-pricey and since I wan't sure how my DIY was going to turn out, I didn't want to desecrate a great pair of converse. That's where the fabulous H&M comes in. When I was browsing the store a while back I saw a pair of cream colored faux-converse at half the price and bought them for my planned project. So I bought some studs and turns out it was a lot easier than I thought...kinda wish I'd gone for the converse now, but that's ok - I'm happy with the outcome.

 I think I'm gonna add a lil' something to my black ones now, too!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sweet treats.

This year we celebrated Father's Day on Tuesday, rather than on Sunday. For my dad's gift - I made him a platter of treats: some oatmeal raisin cookies (with a healthy twist,) mini berry pies, as well as the always-favorite chocolate chip cookies.

 My mini-pie progess...i used store bought dough and kinda "winged-it" for the filling - which is blackberries and raspberries.

Friday, June 15, 2012

G&G (glitz & glam)

i love glitter. on everything and everywhere. while browsing through pinterest months ago (possibly a year ago) i came upon some multi-colored glittery toes and was in awe. i searched far and wide for the perfect large-glitter, rainbow colored nail polish then slowly forgot about it.
last week we got some dinner with some friends and i noticed that my girl friend had some seriously sparkly nails. she proceeded to tell me about a picture of some glittery toe nails that she saw on pinterest and i immediately yelled "I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! I'M OBSESSED WITH THAT PICTURE!"
a few days later she texted me what the nail polish was when she returned to her manicurist.
enter: OPI's Rainbow in the S-Kylie

Monday, June 11, 2012

casual glitter

one of my oldest friends daughter just turned 1 this weekend. i bought her two cute little trendy dresses - i love buying babies/children trendy clothing, they just look so mini and it's adorable. i also LOVE wrapping presents.
one thing i don't like is children's pre-made wrapping paper. but i remembered that i had recently purchased (and went a little overboard) some glitter ribbon tape in a [wide] variety of colors. so i used a neutral brown wrapping paper and used a few of pink girly glitter tapes. (i would've used LOADS more, but they don't have that much length on the spools.) but i think it turned out pretty cute.

Monday, June 4, 2012


i've done a little updating to the site.
hope you all like it!

white is the new black.

With the new Snow White movies that have come out recently, particularly Snow White and the Huntsman that came out this past weekend, I have been inspired by everything around me. From accessories to German castles, I'm intrigued by all that is, and could be, Snow White.