Thursday, June 21, 2012


No one knows how happy I am that all of these 80's styles are coming back: neon, semi-bright pastels, floral prints and studded everything! I am and always have been an 80's child at heart. The 80's never left me and I still slipped some of it into my life, music and wardrobe quite often. So now that they are back I am forever beside myself.
If you have been anywhere near pinterest or other fashion blogs out there, you know that studded converse high-tops are "all the rage" and, personally, I have been obsessed with them. I decided practically the moment I saw them that I was going to recreate a pair of my own. However, converse can be semi-pricey and since I wan't sure how my DIY was going to turn out, I didn't want to desecrate a great pair of converse. That's where the fabulous H&M comes in. When I was browsing the store a while back I saw a pair of cream colored faux-converse at half the price and bought them for my planned project. So I bought some studs and turns out it was a lot easier than I thought...kinda wish I'd gone for the converse now, but that's ok - I'm happy with the outcome.

 I think I'm gonna add a lil' something to my black ones now, too!

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