Thursday, July 30, 2009

lovely jewels.

i am apparently having a jewelry week., few days, at least. but who doesnt love looking at fabulous jewelry?
and i was going to write a post of a few designers, but now ive found quite an array on this gal's etsy page. (which i actually found through her blog - blue moss)
im also really liking how she photographs some of her shiz. very cool.
so enjoy, and soak up the good times of accessorizing.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my future accessories.

i have recently discovered this jewelry creator via bliss.
i want these.
i want one of each.
i dont see any jewelry currently in her etsy shop, but i shall wait patiently...and if not patiently, then maybe through a well drafted email.

(she is also here.)

Monday, July 27, 2009


i love me a good collage.
and a good collage-turned-wall-art? superb.

credits: made by girl, the style files, sfgirlbybay - i unfortunately lost some of my image links, so if you see something familiar send it on over and ill link it right away

obstructing view.

i want this lace fence.
i must have this. this is the answer to my LONG-asked and much debated over question of how i will cordon off my yard without it looking cordoned off. they make them in half sizes, too, and that is precisely what i shall have.
i will have it.

credits: droog

Sunday, July 26, 2009

287 days of splendor

the average woman spends 287 days of her life choosing what to wear.
thats a lot of time spent in front of a closet...or dresser...or pile on a chair.
either way, we really deserve a lovely place to rest our threads.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


for quite some time now i have been in love.
my love is always haunting me - always in my mail box, my email, my web browsing, and yet, just slightly out of my reach. i stare longingly at it, wondering how it will look next to me, wondering how soft it will feel on my arm....
we always want what we cant have. live and learn.
but someday. someday, this will be mine.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


so, ive always loved braids, but ever since a bored-lonely night where i discovered that i can, in fact, french braid my own hair - i have been obsessed.
i do it rather often - so often that itll probably go out of style simply because of me. its just so easy to spruce up a normal boring hair day with a quick little weavin'.
so today, i shall make a list of things that i have done, will do, and am slightly-jealous-that-my-hairs-not-thick-enough to do:

credits: sweet fuzz

Friday, July 17, 2009


so this is two days late, but sometimes thats what happens when you

today i would love to go to portugal.

i would stay in a place on a hill.
i would travel the streets of lisboa with no direction.

i would dine on all of their cultural foods.

i would peak over the edge of europe.
i would visit all the little towns and villages.
i would admire the beauty of the pena palace...
...and take a closer look.
i would walk along stone steps.
i would gander upon the gothic belém tower.
i would depart through these doors, onto my next destination.