Tuesday, March 6, 2012

aruba vice.

i'm not much of a beach person, but after nine months of planning and stressing over a wedding - a long relaxing honeymoon of doing practically nothing sounded pretty d*mn good. i'm a traveler at heart, and i love exploring ruins and new places and new cultures, so i wanted to go to a new place, a new country that i had never been before. my husband, then fiance, wanted to go to hawaii, he's talked about it ever since i've known him, but in the end he basically just wanted to go on a tropical vacation. so we compromised and ended on aruba. now, i'm also not much of an all-inclusive type girl. to me, i've always associated them with the cheesy-amateur traveler kinda vacation. but i also compromised on this and i'm so glad that i did! we ended up finding a fantastic resort that i would definitely return to! the tamarijn aruba - which combines three resorts in one. we went in expecting the all-inclusive food to be sub-par, but we couldn't get enough of it - they spared no expense! each restaurant (and there were a LOT) was delicious...and we tried them all! i also became insanely addicted to aruba vices while there (which apparently is the same as a miami vice) and drank them like water. ...i realize i am simply talking about the food now, (it was good!) but the beaches were amazing, the water a crystal blue and always a perfect temperature and there was always a thatched hut for us to lay under away from the sun (because i burn in two minutes flat.)
oh, and iguanas are like squirrels there...actually, there's more.

(i like to try and take pictures of foreign foods)

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