Thursday, March 1, 2012

a new favorite.

food club.
this time puerto rican was chosen. and it was muy delicioso! this food club we went to La Isla, which is located in the Ballard area of Seattle. i was so excited to try this place and i was not disappointed. we ordered the plato de aperitivo, pez gato, ropa vieja, pastelon and i ordered the pernil special. (and, of course, we each had to try each others.) my husband ordered the ropa vieja and i couldn't keep my fork out of his plate!
for dessert we ordered tembleque (mine), flan, and tres leches. (my husband was too full to order dessert...psh, light weight.) ...i also ended up finishing off the tres leches that my sister-in-law ordered, possibly one of the best desserts ever! (do i eat too much of other people's food..?......nah.)
i will DEFINITELY be going back - and next time i will be ordering the old clothes and the three milk! (ropa vieja and tres leches for those of you not in the know *wink)

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