Monday, January 2, 2012

a new year. !

my new resolution:
get on the ball.
get on the ball, get on the ball, get on the ball!
1) buy an item of clothing - get rid of one. (i know some people get rid of 3 or 5...but let's face facts, i'm not that brave just yet.)
2) clean out my craft room...otherwise known at Tori's-Hoarding-Room
3) and possibly the most important one - get back to this lovely blog! (i'm so bad!)

what a year 2011 was.
quite honestly...a wedding took over my life. MINE! and i had [very much] neglected this place. so as a new year starts, i have decided to make actual resolutions this year (as i never do) and i wish you all a fantastic upcoming year!

what are your resolutions/wishes for twenty-twelve?

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