Tuesday, August 24, 2010

rain, rain...come again

im a seattle girl.
and i love it.
i love seattle. i will always love seattle. the green trees, the gray skies, the wet air. i love the city and i love the easy, short trips to the country, the forest, and the desert.
i hear theres a heat wave going on...practically everywhere except washington. which is perfect for me. i have no qualms about not having a scorching summer. (and on behalf of my city i must say that we do, in fact, usually have a pretty nice, hot, sunny summer.) but this year has been an odd one...i can probably count the "summer" days on my fingers. and, altho, i do love a hot day to swim in a lake or where a slinky dress or ride my sea-doo, my absolute favorite season is fall. i love the "comfy weather" as i call it. i love the smell of rain and the dimly lit outdoors. i love breaking out my scarves and unfolding my fleece blanket. and i especially love sweaters. so in preparation for the season to come, i have spent some downtime browsing polyvore.
so, do tell - whats your favorite time of year?


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