Friday, April 2, 2010

under one of these, please.

i live in seattle.
and, yes, the stereotypes are true. we get a lot of rain.
we get rain so often that we know the slightest of differences in said precipitation and know the name for each. and there are a lot.
that said - every seattle girl needs a fabulous umbrella.
now, dont get me wrong - there are those gals that like to put on a strong face and say "i live in seattle, i dont need an umbrella!" then pull up their hoods, zip up their northface and head out.
and being the die-hard-seattle-lover that i am - i heart the rain.
i love the sound, the smell, the gray and the coziness...and i have no problem getting wet and often enjoy it. (i also love my northface jacket...a native must-have.)
but i also enjoy a fabulous umbrella...and if i dont have to get wet - i wont.
and im quite in the market for a new one...or two.

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