Saturday, April 3, 2010

my favorite thing today...

there are a few things in life that i will never tire of...paper and fonts is two of those.
(i am blessed to live right down the road from the paper zone)
today on our drive home from a movie, i was complaining to my boy about how disappointed i was in the font choice of the movie title and subtitles. he proceeded to make fun of he usually does when fonts come into conversation...(which is slightly often.)
...this conversation lead me to browse for one of my favorite subjects and i ended up on the lovely simplesong. i want to throw a party simply so i can order invitations or move and order change of address cards. !
their letterpress style is fabulous and i will soon be purchasing the 'i *heart*lists' sheets, as i do, indeed, adore making lists. i literally have lists my purse, on my nightstand, at work, in old coat pockets...everywhere. so when i came across these, my eyes opened a lil' wider.

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  1. OMG both Ian and I love the library card birth announcement!