Sunday, April 11, 2010

a wanderlust, of sorts...and a lil' history.

we all know i adore anthropologie. and even tho i peruse their website regularly, i get super pumped when the new catalogue arrives in my mailbox. i heart their diverse photography and displays each month.
so when a recent one arrived with the shoot in a location that appeared to house numerous amazing ruins, my passion for travel took over and, after awhile, i barely saw the fabulous clothing. i looked thru this edition several times, even showing my boyfriend, who actually gave me a slight acknowledgement to the catalogue.
i vowed to myself that i would find this location and visit it sooner or later.
...a little late in the game - i have found it. !
it is, in fact, fairly new. starting in 1949, an english millionaire, edward james, built his garden of eden in xilitla, mexico. he constructed 36 structures, including palaces, temples and pagodas.
and i adore each and every one of them...that i have seen, thus far...but i have faith.
my boy and i have already been planning a trip to mexico and this seals the deal. this is definitely one location that i will not omit from the itinerary.

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