Sunday, August 1, 2010

former and present wanderlust.

in preparation for a year of obsessing over a transatlantic vacation, i have been going thru my old travel photos. my boy and i have been talking about planning a trip to europe at some point (nothing new, i talk about travel pretty much daily) and we have just decided to officially plan one. !
im SUPER excited! as you may know (from this, this, this, and this), i have quite a love for obsession, if you will. in fact, its really the only thing that i have deep intense feelings about...friends, family, and animals aside, of course. and i have been going thru awful withdrawals, as it has been three years since ive traveled outside of the country.
and, yes, i know that i have had an out of state travel one or two times a year...but its not the same. im not just longing.
so, i plan to return to italy and france and show my boy all of my favorite spots and experience a vastness of new ones with him. so, in my excitement - i share with you my previous enjoyments in countries that in no way disappoint.

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