Monday, September 14, 2009


back from vacation and in wanderlust mode.
and i dont know why it has taken me this long to do a norway wanderlust, considering norway is my all time travel obsession that has yet to be actualized. *side note: ive traveled a lot and i have no idea why i have yet to visit norway, being that its #1 on my list and i have a town full of relatives and i started my norway travel fund (of $20) when i was 11.
sigh...some day.
faux day shall be today:

i would visit all of the "so-norway" towns.

i would not (hopefully) be confused by norwegian restrooms.i would celebrate the culture the non-tourist way. i would eat smörgåsbord pretty much every day. (yes, i know its originally swedish) i would take a picture with all the vikings. i would explore the (neutrally)-colorful bergen.i would add to the sign at trollstigen (the troll ladder).
i would send home loads of postcards in ginormous excitement. i would stand on the wedged boulder at lysefjord. i would judge my next destination by wooden signs - cause i love me some village signs. i would enjoy some last day dessert of kransekake. i would fly home in my new hoodie.

credits: prime international, nhh, word of mouth, all ears, discover the world, dark roasted blend, travel postcard, barberis yiannis, axis of aevil, zazzle

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  1. Matt's sis BexAugust 30, 2010 at 9:18 PM

    I want - no, NEED that bathroom sign!!