Wednesday, September 2, 2009

top 5 wednesday

so, i stole an idea from champagne and marshmallows and i give her full credit!
she's started doing a top five tuesday and i love it.
i have an obsession with making lists. theyre all over. i write at least one [of some sorts] a day and then i find 7 in a purse or pocket a month later. (usually, only half crossed off)
so, i think wednesdays will be my top 5 day. (altho, please forgive me if im off a day here and i have a [slight] hard time sticking to dates.)...(also, my taste's change rather often, so i may have a top 5 of the same thing a month later *wink*)
today - my top 5 favorite handbag designers (stemming off of my last post)

1 - marc jacobs, by far.

2 - l.a.m.b.

3 - chloƩ

4 - louis vuitton (i prolly wouldnt buy one unless i came into a good amount of money, but they're so classic - its worth the money)
5 - b. makowsky (either a hit or a miss with me, but when its a hit - its a smasher)

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