Thursday, September 17, 2009

top 5...thursday.

so, this is going to be the top 5 shoes that i must buy now. clearly more immediate than the average top 5 favorite things...that usually last a lil' longer...but i want these now and im going to share that with you.

1 - wanting these so bad right now...and i will get them, because they are fabulously mossimo from target.
2 - im rather enjoying these zipper shoes from steven, that im sure i will only wear for a season - but it will be one beautiful season.
3 - any kinda toms shoes are fabulous, really, but im loving their new ones with laces. i want to buy a ton - what with their amazing one for one thing they do. *side note: i get made fun of cause i love their commercials everytime i see heartwarming!
4 - of course, as you know, i love me some lamb.
5 - i am also buying these converse on my trip to target.

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  1. Hey, I love your pictures. They are really nice...