Wednesday, January 4, 2012


i adore Ireland. i traveled there years ago, and once decided that i was going to move there, (that is, until i visited Prague, and that took a solid rest in my heart.) but Ireland certainly does not disappoint - with it's pubs, castles, tiny towns, cobblestone streets...and we can't forget the accents. those accents where you're not entirely sure if the sweet old man is, in fact, speaking to you in your native english tongue, but you continue to listen because it's so charming you just can't turn away. aside from driving on the left side of the road, i had no issues with Ireland, which is why i would LOVE to return there someday...and i have no doubt that i will....

i will start my trip out with a cheers, a gulp, and a salute to Guiness. (slight ew.)

i will stay in a thatched cottage...

followed by a lovely stay in a castle...the Ashford Castle will do rather nicely.

i will bend over backwards to kiss the Blarney Stone.
i will yell, (in my best Irish accent,) from the Cliffs of Moher.

i will roll down the country hills over and over again.
and i will finish my trip out in the best pub there is. the Temple Bar.

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