Tuesday, January 24, 2012


as i mentioned yesterday, the season opener of the rat city roller girls roller derby was this past saturday and we tend to frequent these bouts rather often.
in addition to the roller girls, i included Torina's Chicken Pot Pie Excursion 2012 into the mix. i have never had a pot pie before and i have become a little obsessed with them recently, and thought that i would explore a few of the best that seattle had to offer. (i did not want my first pot pie to be out of the frozen food section.)
well, TCPPE 2012 turned out to be somewhat of a bust. washington decided to have a full out winter storm this past week, making it difficult to get around to places (and closing ticket boxes early, creating a frusting friday evening in the snow for yours truly), add in a few other tiny snippets and we decided to nix out a pot pie location and go to a classic seattle eatery, Dick's Drive-In, for a late lunch. you can never be disappointed with a Dick's burger and shake. !
the roller derby was a fun-filled couple hours and i got my sugar high off of cotton candy. we then headed out to Pies & Pints to get my long awaited chicken pot pie. it was yummy, and with the sweet potato fries dipped in aioli on the side, it was just what i wanted! my husband opted for the welsh pretzels, which i nibbled on as well. we shall definitely return to this place in the future.
all in all - a wonderful seattle day.

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