Monday, August 24, 2009

the new "it"

so i just got my late-month fix of magazines and vanessa hudgens is all over them.
can someone tell me when i got so old? all my magazines are covered with girls 10 years my senior and i dont know how i feel about that.
*correction: i do know how i feel about that. i really wish they would stay in the teeny bopper magazines until they are, at least, 25...maybe 23. of course, by then, im sure ill still feel the same way, since i, too, will be aging along side them. but at least then, ill know theyre adults and theyre at a fashion-y age. if that makes any sense....
since when do we 30-ish years olds have to read fashion magazines covered with disney stars. ?! (side note...i am in love with disneyland and [most] things disney) but i am slightly perplexed and over this 17-year-old-being-the-"it"-thing phase.

now. moving beyond my rant...and going completely against it.
is it wrong that i, in fact, am getting into vanessa hudgens style?
its becoming (or always has been...i dunno...) very rachel bilson, who im liking as well.
i think this goes with my love for comfy/slightly-lazy looking gals.
anyhoo...shake your heads at me if you will...but here's some outfits im loving...(and ever-so slightly hating myself)

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