Wednesday, June 3, 2009

people who make me buy magazines.

can i take a moment to discuss my guilty-pleasure celebrities?
i think theres something about comfy/lazy-looking gals that i just adore.
as i have mentioned before, i have a [slight] love for mary-kate and ashley olsen. i love them when they are in rehab, writing books, and on worst-dressed lists. i cant help it. their style pulls me in. and i go willingly.

i heart kirsten dunst. and to quote elle, she has a "kooky brand of cool" that i am in love with. i want to be her friend and have brunch at an outdoor cafe, shop at top-notch vintage clothing stores and then later swap clothes.

nicole richie has a style that i wish to emulate daily...and i plan on buying all of her house of harlow collections. she is also my go-to gal for hair.

now i know lindsay lohan's got her some apparent problems - but i must know what they are and, mainly, how she is dressing whilst having said problems. maybe im just really jealous of her ability to spend eleventy billion dollars on often-random shopping trips. also, half the time, she makes comfy leggings look my book.

i cant really precisely pin-point my fixation with either of these girls.
...maybe its their hair.

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