Sunday, June 21, 2009

color me this...

after years of various colorful walls i am painting my entire house white.
correction: appleblossom.
i am in love with this color and keep touching my walls as i pass by. no answer to your why question, really, as it surely feels no different than the previous green that occupied it.
the color just looks soft. it relaxes me and makes me antsy at the same time, being that i want to continue to always build on the lovely color and paint more and more walls/things. no one else seems to be as intrigued with it as i am, but i heart it nonetheless.
this appleblossom also makes for a perfect canvass for all of the bright colors i want to surround myself with.

the perfect canvass.

i am going to paint my flea-market table in a glossy this.

i am going to paint all of my picture frames this.

i am going to have this somewhere in my pillows.

this will be somewhere, im sure, as this is my all-time favorite color and always ends up somewhere in my house.

my fabulous craigslist kitchen hutch is going to be painted this.

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