Wednesday, June 10, 2009


my boy and i are planning a late-summer trip to arizona. so i shall dedicate this weeks wanderlust to the beautiful southern state.

we will drive on the flat and empty highways.

we will admire the red of sedona.
we will stand at the edge of the grand canyon...and beyond.

we will dip our toes, and probably our whole bodies, into the waters of the havasu falls

we will visit the muffler man, because i love me a good roadside attraction.

as mentioned above...i LOVE me a good roadside attraction and you can bet we will be visiting the flinstones at bedrock city.
we will take a side trip to magic mountain and ride every coaster theyve got.
we will sit inside the walls of antelope canyon and hope for rays like these.
we will watch the culture dance.

we will climb the ruins of yesteryear at the wupatki national monument.

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  1. Is there extra room in your suitcase for me? I'm really short and take hardly any space at all. The havasu falls are definitely on my short list of things to do before i die.

    corine/ hidden in france

    (I can't sign up with my blog because you must have yours set to decline anonymous comments. Blogger and typepad make it difficult for each other.)