Wednesday, August 12, 2009

[phase two]

i apparently go through phases. and im on the fashion phase right now.
ive just discovered lookbook and am in love. i love looking through magazines and catalogues, but my favorite is seeing people in their street-wear. my favorite photos of celebrities are the paparazzi-following photos...which semi-pains me, cause i know those [greedy bastards] can suck the life outta people...but...i love seeing the olsen twins walking out of starbucks...or seeing ms lohan buying more leggings...or nicole ritchie...doing anything, really.
but lookbook is none the greedy we can enjoy them with no shame.

credits: victoria confidential, renée sturme, lauren waine, emma kavan, anne-laure mais, stevie d, victoria confidential, zina d, renée sturme

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