Sunday, August 9, 2009

the fabric of our lives...hopefully.

so...are you like me?
sittin' there watching tv, or having your quiet time with your new magazine...when you spot an ad.
the women look so chic and comfortable. youre anticipating the designer/logo you will soon see at the end of the commercial...(or the oddly-long split second that it takes you to move your eye across the magazine ad)...only to see that its cotton.
and then you get all pissy cause youll never know where they got that dress/skirt/shirt?
well, sadly, where this post seemed to be going...i still have no answer.
but i did find something kinda fun to do in your down-time.
the cotton website has a look-book with zooey deschanel, and others. and then, later, you can waste time making your own. i am about to do.
side note...well, not really on the side...if anyone does know the answer to my "where did they get that" question...please, please let me know. !


  1. here's a link to a site that shows the brands of her outfits worn in her The Fabric of Our Lives commercial! :)