Thursday, July 1, 2010

color me super happy.

with the long holiday weekend coming up, ive been thinking about the many things that i want to do to waste my time (and money.) ive got a 4-day weekend from work for the 4th and then come tuesday, i have some time to spend at jury duty. and, honestly, im hopin' my jury duty takes a good amount of time...i could use the [additional] break from work.
im super pumped to make my 4th of july cupcakes, and ive got an appointment with a fabulous buddy to go get manicures on saturday. ive never EVER gotten a manicure before...the thought of messing with my cuticles is equal to how to people feel about the whole nails/chalkboard thing. plus, im pretty good with a polish brush. but i have recently discovered calgel via cupcakes and cashmere, and have since become obsessed with the insanely awesome gold glitter emily got done. sadly, there are only 2 known places that do the calgel process in washington...and neither of them have the gold color. !
super bummed. SUPER bummed.
but im still loving the idea that it stays on for some 3 weeks and doesnt hurt your ill still go for it.
another thing that i have been obsessed with finding for the past...few months is a neon pink nail polish. im talkin' day-glow. for some reason, i stock my supply with loads and loads of pink varieties, but have never been completely satisfied.
insert fred meyer.
a dog-food errand and last minute turn towards the make-up aisle last night brought me face-to-face with my perfect color: fusion neon (by sinful colors.) internally, i jumped for joy. my journey was over. the picture doesnt deliver the goods...its almost glow-in-the-dark. i love it.
THEN, off to the side of my perfect neon pink...there it was: matte nail polish. maybe its easy for some to find, but i have been in love with anything matte for...forever. and i have wanted matte nail polish for years and have only seen it in expensive designer products...which i never want to pay for. i probably just havent looked hard enough...even so, i plan on stocking up on numerous colors.
**bonus: i found the perfect gold glitter polish. usually when i hunt for a sparkly nail polish, im only presented with the visually sparse glitters and quickly get deflated. but i found some sort of nail art polish (dont have the name 'cause i didnt buy it...just yet...i will return) that is pure gold sparkly glitter and i couldnt be happier........well, aside from the calgel being available in said gold.
so my dog-food errand to fred meyer quickly pumped me up and gave me three fantastically awesome surprises.
i see some nail polish posts in our future.

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