Wednesday, June 30, 2010

about me.

so im constantly redecorating.
painting...walls, frames, shelves...changing pictures, reorganizing books, end tables...all of the above. i thought id share a lil' more of myself with you all and snap a few shots of my it currently looks...being that im sure it will change sooner or later....
my jewelry area could use a little work...ive basically just jumbled a variety of ideas together there...but, kicking out a big tv and taking over the top of my boys dresser, as well, ive got more space to work with...ideas anyone? i know that i will stick with the bowls and plates thing - as i have an issue with actually putting stuff away.
i must say...i heart my silhouettes of my kids - the animals. is it a little sad that i find it funny/ironic..?
and, yes, i know my shoe shelf isnt really a design thing...but i love them.


  1. i moved to atl a year ago almost and still have things i need to redecorate!

  2. ha...yea, its been almost 3 years and we finally just de-boxed the basement.

  3. I like Matt's collection of clutches. It's ok Matt, no need to have Tori pretend it's hers.