Monday, January 11, 2010

a different time

so, im eternally told that im a hippie. i dont wear headbands (those kind) or bellbottoms (anymore) and i dont give a peace sign to everyone (unless im making fun of my asian friend...please dont take offense.) i guess its because i eat granola and quinoa and recycle like theres no tomorrow...because of said fact...that there may not be. heh. and i guess i was a vegetarian/border-line vegan for a while. (thats pretty much over...for the most part)...(well, i guess theres not really a "for the most part" in that type of situation, eh.) maybe its because i have several pictures where im hugging trees. maybe its because i want to live in a van and just drive wherever the.....i just love travel. altho, i guess it must be said that last halloween, my boy and i decided last minute to go to a costume party and i decided to be a hippie...because i actually didnt have to buy anything.
i guess i see it when i come across photos of me like this: post for the hippies.....

credits: nadinoo, hrystia kaminska

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  1. Oh, pooh. You're not a hippie. You're a Seattlite. Although you do dress a whole lot better than the rest of this city.