Tuesday, July 17, 2012

annual goodness

This past weekend was our annual family bbq over on Camano Island. I look forward to this every single year. It great to meet up with family we may not see as often, awesome place to hang out on the beach, usually some pretty good garage sales to browse, and the food...oh, the food. Words cannot express how good my uncle's halibut is. Even my mom eats it, and she is strongly against anything seafood related (unfortunate since she married into a Norwegian family.) But this year as I saw all of the food being prepared, with a mouthful of delightful appetizer's, I noticed one oh-so important thing missing. The halibut! I was heart broken. Until, that is, I smelled the shredded pork slowly cooking and being stirred...wafting flavors over in my direction. Once everything was done, I immediately went and piled myself up a pork sandwich. And I will never regret that decision. My uncle was forgiven.
Also, this year the bbq fell on my dad's birthday and I made him a Whopper Cake. That's right - a birthday cake wrapped entirely in Whoppers. When I was younger not a day went by when my dad didn't have carton of whoppers by his side. It was delicious, but...a little hard to cut.

 this guy watched over us all day...
 (i already two different fabulous "salads" before I remembered to take a picture.)

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