Wednesday, June 30, 2010

about me.

so im constantly redecorating.
painting...walls, frames, shelves...changing pictures, reorganizing books, end tables...all of the above. i thought id share a lil' more of myself with you all and snap a few shots of my it currently looks...being that im sure it will change sooner or later....
my jewelry area could use a little work...ive basically just jumbled a variety of ideas together there...but, kicking out a big tv and taking over the top of my boys dresser, as well, ive got more space to work with...ideas anyone? i know that i will stick with the bowls and plates thing - as i have an issue with actually putting stuff away.
i must say...i heart my silhouettes of my kids - the animals. is it a little sad that i find it funny/ironic..?
and, yes, i know my shoe shelf isnt really a design thing...but i love them.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

oh, the plans i have.

yesterday we had a beautiful sunny day here in seattle - which is very few and far between, thus far. we seem to be the only ones left in the dark (pun intended) as we emerge from spring into summer. i know we're known for our rain and dreary gray days here, but we do have our share of fabulous days filled with sun...and we're usually enveloped in it by now...but, sadly, we've only had a handful of good days so far.
and, altho, it was bright outside, my boy and i were holed up in our basement trying to get the last bit of organizing done for our now "bar/home-gym"...and all i could do was daydream about how i was going to decorate it.
so, i keep seeing peoples lists for what they plan/want to do during the summer months and being that i love making lists (and have already made quite a few) i thought id share with you my ever-growing list for summer twenty-ten and beyond.

~ have more weekends at blue lake with friends
~ float the river
~ FINALLY download all the songs ive been wanting
~ as lame and girly as this is: loose freakin' weight
~ garlic fest. !
~ walk the start! heart walk with my boy
~ bite of seattle and/or taste of edmonds
~ get down an dirty in the yard
~ paint kitchen
~ big bbq in the backyard
~ long "girls" weekend with bang
~ get jewelry on etsy and sell at the markets
~ visit the hoh rain forest and enchanted valley
~ wear more skirts/dresses
~ have an "our basement is now a bar" party
~ organize my blog behind the scenes

...and here are some lovely 'summer' images that ive been dying to share...

Friday, June 25, 2010

oh, lovely day.

i have made my first hautelook purchase.
one 'busy' day at work i checked my email just in time to be one of the first to visit the BCBG MAXAZRIA sale. and after months of attempting to find the perfect black bag...i decided on a beautiful mushroom number.
fast forward one week.
as i drove onto our street today i saw from a distance and brown cardboard box waiting quietly on my front porch. i full on screamed, ran (literally) to said box, fumbled with my keys and tore the box open.
happily to unveil...this:

Sunday, June 20, 2010


so, i got an email from j. crew informing me of a new sister site called madewell.
the things are casual-lovely and i plan on spending some good times there.
here is my wish list, thus far...

*sidebar...apparently i am just late at hearing about madewell...its been around for quite sometime. well, whatev - its new to me and lookin' good. !