Sunday, June 21, 2009

color me this...

after years of various colorful walls i am painting my entire house white.
correction: appleblossom.
i am in love with this color and keep touching my walls as i pass by. no answer to your why question, really, as it surely feels no different than the previous green that occupied it.
the color just looks soft. it relaxes me and makes me antsy at the same time, being that i want to continue to always build on the lovely color and paint more and more walls/things. no one else seems to be as intrigued with it as i am, but i heart it nonetheless.
this appleblossom also makes for a perfect canvass for all of the bright colors i want to surround myself with.

the perfect canvass.

i am going to paint my flea-market table in a glossy this.

i am going to paint all of my picture frames this.

i am going to have this somewhere in my pillows.

this will be somewhere, im sure, as this is my all-time favorite color and always ends up somewhere in my house.

my fabulous craigslist kitchen hutch is going to be painted this.


i have recently discovered a fabulous swedish gal who inspires me to no ends. her home is beautiful, her crafts are alluring and her photography is pure loveliness.

enjoy, as i did.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


my boy and i are planning a late-summer trip to arizona. so i shall dedicate this weeks wanderlust to the beautiful southern state.

we will drive on the flat and empty highways.

we will admire the red of sedona.
we will stand at the edge of the grand canyon...and beyond.

we will dip our toes, and probably our whole bodies, into the waters of the havasu falls

we will visit the muffler man, because i love me a good roadside attraction.

as mentioned above...i LOVE me a good roadside attraction and you can bet we will be visiting the flinstones at bedrock city.
we will take a side trip to magic mountain and ride every coaster theyve got.
we will sit inside the walls of antelope canyon and hope for rays like these.
we will watch the culture dance.

we will climb the ruins of yesteryear at the wupatki national monument.

Monday, June 8, 2009

loving right now...

today i am loving

this ruffled shower curtain that i have drooled over for about a year.

van gogh's almond paintings.

this fabulous balenciaga bag. (oops, already broke my clutch promise.)

these delicate earrings.

these cute li'l bean bags.

these adorable salt & pepper shakers.

this city-girl-with-country-flair elk pillow.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the days of outdoors.

the past week has been fabulously sunny here in seattle and it always makes me re-plan my already planned (five times over) backyard. thanks to living etc, i now have three more projects in my head.

you can bet i am camping in my backyard!

this is very befitting for my current backyard.
work with what ya got, eh.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

people who make me buy magazines.

can i take a moment to discuss my guilty-pleasure celebrities?
i think theres something about comfy/lazy-looking gals that i just adore.
as i have mentioned before, i have a [slight] love for mary-kate and ashley olsen. i love them when they are in rehab, writing books, and on worst-dressed lists. i cant help it. their style pulls me in. and i go willingly.

i heart kirsten dunst. and to quote elle, she has a "kooky brand of cool" that i am in love with. i want to be her friend and have brunch at an outdoor cafe, shop at top-notch vintage clothing stores and then later swap clothes.

nicole richie has a style that i wish to emulate daily...and i plan on buying all of her house of harlow collections. she is also my go-to gal for hair.

now i know lindsay lohan's got her some apparent problems - but i must know what they are and, mainly, how she is dressing whilst having said problems. maybe im just really jealous of her ability to spend eleventy billion dollars on often-random shopping trips. also, half the time, she makes comfy leggings look my book.

i cant really precisely pin-point my fixation with either of these girls.
...maybe its their hair.


today i would like to go to morocco.

i would watch the fishermen prepare their boats.

i would wander various streets and alleyways... well as various markets. i would buy a bag of each and every type of olive they offered.

i would plan my entryway at home to look just like these.

i would bring home loads and loads of souvenir spices.
i would be inspired by all the bright colors.

i would run on rooftops and pretend i was jason bourne.

i would buy a pastry from a "hole-in-the-wall" baker.
i would take pictures of the beautiful side streets.

i would buy freshly dyed fabrics.

i would bring home, at least, 4 lamps.

i would plan my next stop by directional signs.

credits: shadowplay, zizin, dubaidavid, solea20, austinevan